Polit Case Competition strives to create an interesting and challenging case competition where theory and tools from economics are applied


Our brief history

The organization Polit Case Competition was founded in 2014. The organization consists of students of economics from the University of Copenhagen. We strive to create a case based on a real-life business challenge where teamwork, structured problem-solving, economic analysis, and presentation skills are applied in the solution. Each team gets to present their solution to a panel of professional judges. The judges are provided by our partners ranging from business enterprises to government departments, reflecting the future workplaces of students of economics. Thus, Polit Case Competition equip students with new skills and connect employers with future employees

Our events

Partner Pre-Case (march 11 2019)

15 teams have a unique opportunity to solve a training case, which mirrors the format of the case in the weekend. The case is developed in collaboration with one of our partners and can be solved in the evening from home.  Assessment of the solution will put emphasis on structured problem solving and convincing story telling in slides. The three best teams will be chosen by our partner and invited to present their solution at the company’s offices. The winners are awarded a price. Afterwards, the three finalists enjoy a lunch at the company. The Partner Pre-Case takes place in week 11, 2019.  

Nail the case workshop (march 14 2019)

Spend an evening with our workshop partner that will equip you with the necessary tools to solve a case in the case weekend. You will get hands on experience with case solving through various mini-cases and leverage your communication and slides making skills by trying it out in practice. Polit Case Competition provides food and beverages. Nail The Case Workshop takes place in week 11, 2019. 

The case experience (march 16/17 2019)

The Case Experience is our main event, taking its course over two days. Participants have 8,5 hours to come up with a solution to a case written by Polit Case Competition and a carefully selected case company. The case solving is followed by an exclusive dinner for all participants allowing for networking across years, universities and countries. Participants present their solutions in front of a panel of judges consisting of employees from the case company and our partners. For a spot in the final, participants must deliver a solid and innovative solution presented in a coherently and convincingly manner. 

we aspire to give students

  • Insights into work with economic theory after university

  • A connection between the case and the general curriculum in economics

  • Connections to inspiring and relevant employers

  • A practical and interesting economic problem rather than just theory

  • The possibility to work across semesters as well as fields of study

  • An unique experience for both undergraduates and graduates