Who are the people behind the white shirts and dark pants?

The organizing team consists of students of economics from the University of Copenhagen, volunteering to create the best case competition in economics. The team includes students from different semesters to make sure the case is well fitted for any level of economic knowledge. Together with our partners, we create a case experience for participants who want to test their economic knowledge and skills in a case solving environment, as well as equipping them with the best tools to further their abilities.


The president and vice-president of Polit Case Competition forms the steering committee. Their tasks include administrating the responsibilities of each group, hiring new organizers, assisting in assuring partnerships, and overall management of the organization. They make sure the teams follow the strategy of Polit Case Competition and the execution of the events go as planned.


The case-writing team are in charge of writing the main case. They cooperate with a case partner who is unknown to the public until the day of the Case Experience. The focus of the case-writers is both to create the greatest case for the participants, as well as managing the interests of both Polit Case Competition and the partnering company. 


The team of Marketing and Development is in charge of all marketing platforms, the development of the events as well as writing the PCC magazine each year. They are responsible for the overall participant experience, as well as the image of the organization.  


Accounting and Finance make sure the funding is spent in the most effective way to create the best experience for both contestants and partners. Through the excel spreadsheets, they are always aware of the economic situation of Polit Case Competition. 


Partnerships and Funding are in charge of establishing contact with our partnering companies and ensure funding, to keep the contestants well-nourished and pleased throughout the event. They act as the voice of both Polit Case Competition and it’s partnering companies, to make sure we get the optimal collaboration and an output everybody can vouch for. 

We cannot wait to show all of you what we have been working on. From the entire organizing committee of Polit Case Competition, we look forward to see you in week 11!