Venue Partner: DI - The Confederation of Danish Industry

Polit Case Competition 2019 will take place in the iconic House of Industry, the headquarters of DI - The Confederation of Danish Industry, known for its ever-changing neon-colored facade in the heart of Copenhagen. The House of Industry provides an excellent case-solving environment with state-of-the-art facilities and an amazing presentation hall with room for 250 spectators. This makes it the perfect place to host The Case Experience, and we look forward to welcoming you. Watch the video below to get a sense of this year’s venue.

DI is the strong voice of corporate Denmark. On behalf of 11,000 member companies, DI works to provide the best possible corporate conditions for Danish businesses, so that all of Denmark succeeds. As an important part of this endeavor, DI conducts economic analyses on the Danish and international economy. This is done by both full-time economists and students of economics working part-time while studying. Among other things, their tasks include forecasting of key economic indicators and analysis of productivity at large.

All this is part of DI as a powerful economic institution and voice of thousands of enterprises in a world of rapid change, making DI an exceedingly relevant and attractive workplace for economists. Along with economic analysis, DI does policy advocacy, membership services such as advisory services and consulting, and network relations between members and with society at large. Read more about DI here.