Pre-Case Partner: The Ministry of Finance

This year, the Ministry of Finance joins Polit Case Competition as our Pre-Case Partner.

Now, you have the opportunity to solve an economic case based on the work done in the Ministry of Finance. The Partner Pre-Case is an introductory case for both inexperienced and experienced case solvers. The case takes place on Monday, March 11, has a five hour scope, and can be solved in the evening from home. All participants receive feedback from the Ministry of Finance while the three best products will compete for the winning title in a closed-door final.

The Ministry of Finance plays a prominent role in the economic policy of changing governments. Their tasks include all from effective management of public finances to coordinating the government efforts to strengthen productivity development and thus growth. Furthermore, the Ministry of Finance is in charge of the government budgets, paying government employees and improving efficiency in government administration. Their tasks combine economics with politics which the Partner Pre-Case will mirror. The Ministry of Finance is a workplace of sound professional competence and analytical skills that challenge and develop many economists.

Registration for the Partner Pre-Case opens in late January. Read more about the Pre-Case here.

Read more about the Ministry of Finance here.

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