TDC Group is an Industry Partner of Polit Case Competition 2018

We are proud to present TDC Group as a partner of Polit Case Competition.

TDC Group is Denmark’s largest telecommunications provider and currently the market leader in all four markets (TV, Mobile, Internet & network and Landline.) holding the best network. TDC Group is about bringing people closer together in a complex market.

TDC Group offers a wide variety of career paths. Due to the dynamics of the market, and thus the company it is easy to design your own personal career path. With a passion for a digital Denmark, and a background in economics, you will find a vast network of likeminded peers. 

CFO in TDC group, Stig Pastwa: “Partnering with the Polit Case Competition is a great way for TDC to be close to the student environment and expose ourselves to top class students. We believe in continuous learning and see this as a good way to forge stronger links between Business and Academia”.

We asked Stig Pastwa which skills are particularly important to succeed as a CFO:

“As a CFO, today, you need to understand the business and be obsessed with delivering value to the business. To be able to do this you should work with a great team, ensure that you spent time with the operations and continuously improve your way of working. Seeing Finance as part of the value chain towards the customer and suppliers will allow for greater quality, efficiency and results. All important elements for a CFO to succeed”.

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