The Case Experience of Polit Case Competition is for students of economics who are at least on their 2nd semester. Students of economics on all semesters are eligible to participate in both the Partner Pre-Case and the Case-Solving workshop. Click here here to see the complete list of study programmes that make you eligible for participation. If you team up with at least two students of economics, you are able to participate even if not on the positive list of study programmes yourself.


Yes, it is free to participate. Our partners, funds and product sponsors finance the event.

+ What academic level is required in order to solve the case?

To solve the cases, you must have good skills within data processing, economic theory and presentation. Our ambition is to make an interesting and challenging case, and it is therefore a prerequisite that you are a student of economics or at least on team with some. You can practice your case solving skills in our events leading up to The Case Experience. Both the Partner Pre-Case and the Case-solving workshop hone the necessary skills to compete in The Case Experience.

+ In what way is Polit Case Competition different from other case competitions?

Polit Case Competition is different in several ways. Our cases draw on theory and tools from the economics study programme and in The Case Experience participants can interview experts during the case solving process. Furthermore, all teams will present their case solution in front of a professional panel of judges and receive feedback subsequently.

Polit Case Competition is also more than case solving, hence The Case Experience. In this, we host an exclusive dinner for all participants and provide opportunities to engage with interesting employers of economists from different industries.

+ how many teams attend?

Teams must be between 3 and 4 persons. The Case Experience allows for 30 teams while the Partner Pre-Case has 20 team spots only. Nail the Case Workshop has 50 individual seats. Registration must be done separately for all three events. Seats are distributed after the first-come, first-served policy. You can register here.

+ where does polit case competition take place?

The Case Experience is held at an yet-to-be-revealed partnering company with headquarters in Copenhagen. The Partner Pre-Case is solved remotely while the Case-solving workshop takes place at the headquaters of our Knowledge Partner.

+ can i get my travel expenses covered?

Yes, you can get your travel expenses covered if you travel from a university outside the Copenhagen metropolitan area. Note that we cannot refund travel expenses of unreasonable amounts, but regular train and bus connections are perfectly refundable. Contact us for more information.

+ What is the language of the case competition?

The official language of Polit Case Competition is English, and your case solution and presentation must be in English.

+ Can I watch the final as a spectator?

We have 100 seats for spectators wanting to see the top three teams compete in the Grand Finale. As a spectator, you will gain invaluable insight in the solutions presented by the finalists and witness the announcement of the winners of Polit Case Competition 2020.