Polit Case Competition is accessible for students of economics at least on their 2nd semester. Click here to see the complete list of study programmes that make you eligible for participation.


Yes, it is free to participate. Our partners, funds and product sponsors finance the event.

+ What academic level is required in order to solve the case?

To solve the case you must have good skills within data processing, economic theory and presentation. Our ambition is to make an interesting and challenging case, and it is therefore a prerequisite that you are a student of economics. You can practice your case solving skills in our events leading up to the case weekend.

+ In what way is Polit Case Competition different from other case competitions?

Polit Case Competition is different is several ways. The case is based on theory from the study programme of economics and the participants will be able to interview experts during the case solving. Additionally, all teams will present their case solutions in front of a professional panel of judges.

Polit Case Competition is more than case solving. There will be an exclusive dinner for all participants and you have the opportunity to engage with interesting employers of economists from different industries.

+ how many teams attend?

40 teams. The places are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. You can register here.

+ where does polit case competition take place?

The venue of Polit Case Competition 2019 will be announced in early spring 2019.

+ can i get my travel expenses covered?

Yes, you can get your travel expenses covered if you travel from a university outside the Copenhagen metropolitan area. Contact us for more information.

+ What is the language of the case competition?

The official language of Polit Case Competition is English and your case solution must be in English. It is possible to present your solution in Danish in front of the judges. Though if you make it to the finale you must present your case solution in English.